The Ultimate Canoe Bundle



The Ultimate Canoe Bundle is here to give you the absolute Best Canoe Setup. Whether you are looking for the ultimate fishing rig, a bit of easier and safer travel or just a flat out cool canoe setup this bundle has got you covered. The bundle includes a Complete Canoe Stabilizer Package with Gray Floats and your size Universal Receiver choosing, a Stabilizer Carrying/Storing Bag, and Tuff Canoe Trolling Motor Mount. With this bundle, you will have all the parts necessary to successfully Stabilize and Motor your canoe with a zip tight bag to ensure none of your parts and accessories get misplaced.

Included in the bundle

-Canoe Stabilizer Float Package with Gray Floats (Please check Canoe Stabilizer Package page to ensure accurate Universal Receiver size is purchased)

-Stabilizer Package Carrying Bag

-Tuff Motor Mount

For more in depth descriptions on each product in the Ultimate Canoe Bundle, see links below.

Canoe Stabilizer Float Package:  HD Canoe Stabilizer Floats Complete Package – Spring Creek

Stabilizer Carrying Bag: Carrying Bag for Canoe/Kayak/SUP Stabilizer Floats – Spring Creek

Tuff Motor Mount: Tuff Motor Mount – Spring Creek