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HD Canoe Stabilizer Floats Complete Package


Spring Creek Manufacturing’s float stabilizer packages are the safety and comfort you are looking for while on the water. Made from durable, lightweight Polyethylene plastic, the floats are designed to keep your canoe stable and upright. Complete Package comes with Universal Receiver (UR) and float arms that telescope out for desired width. For additional information regarding UR sizes and specifications, Please visit the UR product page on the web site.

  • Hydrodynamic Design for minimal drag through the water and excellent stability.
  • Easily adjustable with locking cam lever arms.
  • Color options: Grey, Red and Yellow.
  •  Telescope distance 20″ each arm.



Universal Receiver


The Universal Receiver (UR) is the most universal Canoe/Kayak accessory on the market. The Universal Receiver allows you to utilize Stabilizer Floats, Portage Wheels, Rowing kit and Sail kit.  All of these functions utilizing the same Universal Receiver.

Set up is quick and easy. Simply set the Universal Receiver (UR) across the canoe at desired position. Clamp to the gunwale and tighten with knobs. Clamps sold separately. For kayaks, purchase our kayak adapter kit and easily mount to the front of the kayak. Clamp the UR to the top of the kayak adapter kit.

  • The Universal Receiver is sold in 30”, 36”, 40”, 45” lengths
  • Clamps and Adapter kit sold separately
  • The Universal Receiver will accept stabilizer floats, portage wheel kits, sail kits and rowing kits

Canoe Seat Yoke


The product that started it all, the Canoe Seat/Yoke was our first manufactured aluminum product. Designed to easily flip from canoe seat to canoe yoke in seconds. Our pads are made to absorb the shock of carrying a heavy load across a portage as well as comfort while on long paddles across the water.

  • Holds up to 300 pounds
  • Easily adjustable pads to fit various shoulder sizes
  • Made from strong anodized aluminum
  • Several pad colors offered
  • Frame telescopes to fit different widths.

Replacement Floats


One standard replacement HD float.

Suction Cup Rack


Spring Creek’s Suction Cup Rack. Price is for ONE RACK.

These universal roof racks do not require any special clips for your car. The straps threads through your open doors. On station wagon or mini van the rear strap threads through the rear windows (if they open).

The suction cups mounts protect your roof. Top of racks are padded to protect your boats. Made of aluminum and stainless steel, so they never rust. Wide enough for two canoes, multiple kayaks, sailboats, ladders etc.

The telescoping arms double as loading bars. Racks are rated for 300 lbs., although your car’s roof may have a lower load limit.

Top of rack is 53″ or 65″ wide closed, and up 20″ more on each side with the loading bars extended. Extensions will adjust in increments to fit many possible size requirements.

The top rack bar is 2-3/16″ wide and 1- 1/2″ high.

Two loading bars and straps are included.

Please specify 53″ for smaller vehicles or 65″ for full sized vehicles.

12″ Portage Wheel Package


Why carry that canoe when you can roll it!

Made from lightweight aluminum this 12″ Slip-on Portage Wheel Kit attaches easily to any canoe. Just insert the wheel frames into our Universal Receiver and you are ready to roll.

Then when you get to the water, it easily detaches with just the push of a pop-pin!

These Slip on portage wheels are strong and best used on smoother paths.

Tires are inflatable.  12″ high and 2″ wide with spoked rims.

Quick slip-on tire frames go right into the Spring Creek Universal Receiver crossbar, which is included.

Stabilize the wheels with a couple quick straps and you’re ready to go down the trail/portage!

Straps and UR clamps are included.

250 lb. Load Limit

Kit weighs approximately 21lbs.

Double Hitch Rack


An exclusive Spring Creek design.

All aluminum, this handy rack telescopes vertically up to the largest pickup height.

Approximately 68″. 36″ long horizontal bar is padded and comes with extension bars that will extend out approximately 20″.

Comes with our 2″ receiver blank.

It eliminates the need to unbolt your trailer ball from your receiver hitch.

Leave it permanently attached to your hitch rack, so mounting it on your truck is easy and convenient.

DIY Suction Cup Rack Kit


This kit, manufactured by Spring Creek Outfitters, provides all the parts you’ll need to convert a standard 2×4 into a rock-solid rack at an inexpensive price. You get everything to make ONE rack, including: two suction triangles, straps to attach to car, two eye pads and hardware.


To construct your rack, you first have to decide what length 2×4 you will need.

If you are going to be hauling two canoes, we would recommend using a 78” 2×4. If you are hauling only one canoe, use a 2×4 that is slightly larger than width of your vehicle.

Bolt the suction cup frames to the 2×4’s so the cups are to the outside edges of your roof, by drilling a 3/8” hole (or a little bigger, if you want to remove it later – to allow for wood swelling.)

Set the rack on the roof to see where to place the buckles and buckle holders to make sure they are pulling straight down and drill two other slightly over 3/8” holes and bolt on the buckle brackets. Then, place black eyepads on the ends of the 2×4’s where you wish, and bolt them on.

Black straps must be placed through the cab of vehicle by opening doors and then snugging down securely.

This includes hardware to make ONE rack.


Canoe / Kayak Load Stops


These sturdy little stops clamp on easily to our Spring Creek Rack. Use them to hold your loads from shifting. Also can be used on, Spring Creek’s Hitch Rack, Suction Cup Rack, Yakima, Barrecrafters or Thule Racks. Come in a set of four. Approximately

3″ high and 4″ wide. Set of 4.

12″ Slip On Portage Wheels w/o UR


These Slip on portage wheels are strong and best used on smoother paths.

Tires are inflatable.  12″ high and 2″ wide with spoked rims.

Quick slip-on tire frames go right into the Spring Creek  Universal Receiver crossbar, which is NOT included in this package.

This Kit is for those of you who already own our Universal Receiver.

Stabilize the wheels with couple quick straps and you’re ready to go down the trail/portage!

Straps are included.
250 lb. Load Limit