HD Canoe Stabilizer Floats Complete Package

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Spring Creek Manufacturing’s float stabilizer packages are the safety and comfort you are looking for while on the water. Made from durable, lightweight Polyethylene plastic, the floats are designed to keep your canoe stable and upright. Complete Package comes with Universal Receiver (UR) and float arms that telescope out for desired width. For additional information regarding UR sizes and specifications, Please visit the UR product page on the web site.

  • Hydrodynamic Design for minimal drag through the water and excellent stability.
  • Easily adjustable with locking cam lever arms.
  • Color options: Grey, Red and Yellow.
  •  Telescope distance 20″ each arm.



Universal Receiver


The Universal Receiver (UR) is the most universal Canoe/Kayak accessory on the market. The Universal Receiver allows you to utilize Stabilizer Floats, Portage Wheels, Rowing kit and Sail kit.  All of these functions utilizing the same Universal Receiver.

Set up is quick and easy. Simply set the Universal Receiver (UR) across the canoe at desired position. Clamp to the gunwale and tighten with knobs. Clamps sold separately. For kayaks, purchase our kayak adapter kit and easily mount to the front of the kayak. Clamp the UR to the top of the kayak adapter kit.

  • The Universal Receiver is sold in 30”, 36”, 40”, 45” lengths
  • Clamps and Adapter kit sold separately
  • The Universal Receiver will accept stabilizer floats, portage wheel kits, sail kits and rowing kits

Canoe Seat Yoke


The product that started it all, the Canoe Seat/Yoke was our first manufactured aluminum product. Designed to easily flip from canoe seat to canoe yoke in seconds. Our pads are made to absorb the shock of carrying a heavy load across a portage as well as comfort while on long paddles across the water.

  • Holds up to 300 pounds
  • Easily adjustable pads to fit various shoulder sizes
  • Made from strong anodized aluminum
  • Several pad colors offered
  • Frame telescopes to fit different widths.

Replacement Floats


One standard replacement HD float.


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