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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

"The UR"

The UR stands for Universal Receiver. It is one device that clamps to your canoe. You can easily snap on attachments to satisfy individual needs.

The UR is made in different widths. Standard sizes are 30", 36" 40" and 45". However, by clicking on the special size option, you can specify any length longer than 45", and we will custom make one for you, with a $10.00 extra charge.

To size your canoe for a UR first, find the center of your canoe, then measure the width from outside to outside of your gunwales. Measuring the widest part of the canoe gives you the option to place the UR anywhere on your canoe that is comfortable. Some canoes have gunwales that face to the inside of your canoe and the clamps can be placed on the inside in these cases.

"Factory Seconds"

A Factory second is a brand new canoe or kayak which usually has some kind of cosmetic defect that lowers our price - in turn - lowering your cost. Often the "blem" is only visible to the trained eye. Some seconds have no blems, but are discounted, surplus or demo boats.

The normal defect for a kevlar boat would be small voids, near the bow and stern, where the resin did not fill into the kevlar. This defect is very invisible, unless pointed out. They may also have a wrinkle in the kevlar on the inside of the boat, near the ribs where the material did not lay flat in the vacuuming process.

The normal defect for a royalex boat is a crease from the forming, stratches and color variations from the heating of the royalex material.

The normal defect in a kayak is a flaw in the forming of the boat, color flaws or scratches. Most of the seconds are "Demo" models and may be marked "Demo".

All factory warranties still stand on all of our seconds, as they still are considered New boats.

Shipping Damage

If you receive merchandise that is damaged during shipping, please contact us immediately.

Fulfillment Errors

If we make an error in fulfilling your order, we will pay for the shipping to return that product and immediately ship you the correct product.

Used merchandise is sold "AS IS."

Spring Creek is not responsible for any shipping charges if a return or exchange is requested by the buyer.

"Can I carry a higher pack with Spring Creek's Seat/Yoke?"

You Can carry a  higher pack if you adjust the balance point of your canoe. By adding or tying in weight such as: life jackets, sleeping pads etc.... under your back seat... for balance -  This will push your shoulders further back on the yoke creating room for your pack and balancing out your load.

What gear do I need to bring along for a trip to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCAW)?

We've published a basic Gear List to help you prepare for your trip.

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