Dual Purpose Hitch Rack



Spring Creek Manufacturing’s Dual Purpose Hitch Rack is just what you are looking for when needing that extra bit of height or length to your truck bed. Its 2 in 1 model not only extends out, but up to secure longer loads while hauling. Can easily switch from bed extension to vertical hitch rack in just seconds and easily breaks down for storage. Made from strong durable anodized aluminum so it will not corrode or rust over time, while maintaining its strength and durability.

Each Dual Purpose Hitch Rack includes: 53” Black Padded Rubber Crossbar, 2 S-Hook Stabilizing Straps, 2 Short Cam Straps, 1 L-Hitch Mount, 2 5/8” Hitch Pin/Clip.

• 53” Aluminum Crossbar with black padded rubber includes 2 strap anchor points
• 2”X 2” Square Tubing to fit *Most* Trucks with 2” Receivers
• Bed height telescopes from 16” to 22”
• Hitch height telescopes from 55” to 61”
• 300lbs load capacity
• Anodized Aluminum finish prevents rust and corrosion
• Necessary stability straps included