Replacement Gunwale Clamps



Spring Creek Manufacturing’s Replacement Gunwale Clamps easily clamp under your gunwale lip for secure fit. Designed to fasten and hold your existing Spring Creek Manufacturing Universal Receiver Bar or Spring Creek Lashing Bars and Spring Creek Rowing Outriggers keeping them all tight and secure against the gunwale.

The Spring Creek Gunwale Clamps can be used to clamp and hold other products and accessories as well as DIY Projects to your canoe gunwale. Please reference clamp sizing below to ensure proper fit.

  •   Clamps Sold as a PAIR.



Standard size Clamps – Fits 2 2/3″ Spring Creek Manufacturing Double Channel Universal Receiver Bar

  • Clamp 4.25″ Wide X 1/4″ Thick
  • U-Bolt 3″ ID Width X 3.75″ Leg Length


Small size Clamps – Fits 1 3/8″ Spring Creek Lashing Bars & Spring Creek Rowing Outriggers

  • Clamp 2.75″ Wide X 1/4″ Thick
  • U-Bolt 1 3/8″ ID Width X 3.75″ Leg Length