12″ Portage Wheel Package



Why carry that canoe when you can roll it! Made from lightweight aluminum this 12″ Slip-on Portage Wheel Kit attaches easily to any canoe. Just insert the wheel frames into our Universal Receiver and you are ready to roll.

Then when you get to the water, it easily detaches for a quick take down!

These 12″ Slip on portage wheels are best used on smoother paths. We recommend our 16″ Wheel Package for rougher terrain.

Tires are inflatable.  12″ high and 2″ wide with spoked rims

Stabilize the wheels with a couple quick straps and you’re ready to go down the trail/portage!

Straps and UR clamps are included.

250 lb. Load Limit

Kit weighs approximately 21lbs.

Universal Receiver Sizing
The Universal Receiver is made in different lengths to fit all canoes and kayaks. Standard sizes are 30″, 36″, 40″ and 45″. To size your canoe for a Universal Receiver, first, measure your canoe at it’s widest point. Measuring the widest point gives you the option to place the Universal Receiver anywhere on your canoe that is comfortable. Most canoe gunwales have inside lips for clamping, meaning your clamps will be on the inside of the canoe. However, some canoe gunwales have outside lips, and in this case your clamps will clamp to the outside of your canoe. If this is your circumstance, please go up one Universal Receiver size when ordering.