Pop-In Motor Mount

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Spring Creek Manufacturing’s Pop-In Motor Mount is just the attachment you are looking for when wanting to utilize a trolling motor with your existing Spring Creek’s Stabilizer float system. Made from a strong durable anodized aluminum frame with a high density black plastic face. This Motor Mount can be used on either of Spring Creek’s Canoe or Kayak Stabilizer Float Systems. Simply slide the square tube into the front side of your existing Universal Receiver Crossbar. The pop pin will pop into place on your Universal Receiver. Your existing float arm slides through the open end of the double channel tube on the motor mount and into your existing Universal Receiver crossbar. This allows you to still utilize full adjustment on your stabilizer floats while now having the ability to mount a motor.

The Pop-In Motor Mount is designed to be used with Electric OR Gas-Powered Motors. DO NOT EXCEED 3 HORSE POWER TROLLING MOTORS.

ALWAYS use with stabilizer floats to offset the motor weight.