Beavertail Paddle



With its long, slender blade shape, the Beavertail recreational canoe paddle is a terrific choice for lake paddling in the deep water. This narrower – and longer – bladed paddle pulls smoothly through the water, and the length helps with sweep strokes. This straight shaft paddle is handcrafted in Osceola, Wisconsin using basswood and red alder. It has a symmetrical freestyle palm grip to give you the versatility you want and the quality and comfort you deserve.

Your Bending Branches paddle(s) will be made to order for you. Current manufacturing may take up to one week to fulfill.

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  • SIZE: 6.75 x 25 in.
  • BLADE: Red Alder Basswood
  • PROTECTION: Partial Rockgard®


  • SHAFT: Straight
  • MATERIAL: Solid Basswood
  • LENGTH: 54″ 57″ 60″ 63″
  • FEATURES: Ovalized for Comfort


  • Freestyle Palm Grip


  • 22 oz.

Hand-crafted in Osceola, WI USA