Impression Solo Paddle



The natural progression from a single blade to double blades is made easier with the beauty and buoyancy of the Impression Solo.

  • Perfect paddle for the lone canoeist looking to eliminate corrective strokes and the need to switch side to side whether in ideal conditions or windy conditions
  • Solid, ovalized shaft with a snug-fitting snap button ferrule
  • Sturdy blades have extra protection of Rockgard® edging

Shaft Material: Solid Basswood
Blade Material: Basswood & Red Alder
Blade Size: 6.8 x 19 in. (17 x 48 cm.)
Blade Surface Area: 106 sq. in.
Weight: 44 oz. (1247 g)
Ferrule Angles: 0° & 60° (L or R)

Bending Branches recommends that boats up to 35” wide, with an average height person paddling would prefer the 260cm paddle. If a person were taller, they may prefer a 280cm paddle. In a boat 35” or wider, a 280cm paddle is recommended. This would be for a person of average height. A smaller, shorter person would not likely solo paddle a boat this wide.

Your Bending Branches paddle(s) will be made to order for you. Current manufacturing may take up to one week to fulfill.


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