Tuff Headache Rack



The Best Headache Rack you will ever buy! Introducing the Tuff Headache Rack by Spring Creek Manufacturing. Engineered and manufactured from high quality anodized aluminum with stainless steel fasteners to be extremely strong and durable. The Tuff Headache Rack will never rot, rust, or corrode. Vertical bar protection to ensure your cab window stays protected from damage while not impeding upon the rear window viewing. Channels on the interior and exterior of legs and on the top of the crossbar for an easy installation of light mounts, extinguisher mounts, and many other accessory needs. Width adjustable to be able to fit various truck bed widths. Bolt on installation, not compatible with tonneau covers without purchase of Slide Rail System.

Your Tuff Headache Rack is Made to Order. Please expect 2-4 weeks before final delivery.