Well Nuts – Rubber Expandable Nuts



Spring Creek’s Well Nuts – Expandable Rubber Nuts are a perfect combination for adding Kayak Brackets to your sit on top kayak or a kayak that doesn’t have under deck/hull access. This is an add on to those who already have the Spring Creek Kayak Stabilizer and would like to add a set of Kayak Brackets to a different kayak that is a sit on top or doesn’t have under deck/hull access. Combine these with the Spring Creek Kayak Brackets sold HERE.


  • 4 Expandable Rubber Well Nuts
  • 4 Pan Head Screws to thread into Well Nuts



Line up your Spring Creek Kayak Bracket holes (SOLD SEPARATLEY)  to ensure mounting location and accurate fit. Use predrilled holes in Kayak Brackets as guide. Once location is found drill (4) 1/2″ holes in mounting locations. Remove pan head screws from well nuts and insert nut into drilled hole. Tap into place lightly with a rubber or wood mallet until well nut is fully seated in the hole. As you begin to thread bolts into the well nuts, they will expand beyond 1/2″ and will not be able to come out of the hole creating a lock tight anchoring point.